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SQUARE ENIX • Action & Adventure. Sci-fi & Fantasy.

Daemons of the Shadow Realm, Vol. 3

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Hiromu Arakawa, award-winning manga creator of the best-selling smash hit Fullmetal Alchemist, draws readers into an intricate new web of magic, intrigue, and life-or-death stakes!
In a world where certain humans command mighty supernatural duos called Daemons, it is the birthright of "the children who sunder day and night"—twins Yuru and Asa—to rule over these powerful entities.
Separated from a young age and unaware of the truth of their birth, brother and sister must fight to make their way back to each other, claim their birthright, and save the world...
Ancient Daemons awaken to fight a new battle in an age-old war!!

When Yuru warily accepts an invitation from Jin to visit the Kagemori compound and see Asa, neither party is prepared for the sudden onslaught of unidentified daemon pairs that ambushes them in the safety of the Kagemori family home! To fend off the attack, Yuru must form an uneasy alliance with the very people who assaulted Higashi Village...

Once the dust settles, Yuru and Asa finally have their heart-to-heart. As they talk, Yuru learns that his twin has already died once. But if that’s true, how can she possibly be alive and talking to him?!

What is the stark secret to claiming the powers of Break and Seal that everyone so desires? Does Yuru have what it takes to confront what lies in the abyss...and beyond?!

Publisher: SQUARE ENIX

Media: Manga

Age Rating: 16+

Release Date:

Page Count: 176

Format: Paperback

Written Language: English

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